Ōganosuke Yogi is considered a legend in the Martial Arts World and Invincible, a feat only the Elder of Ryōzanpaku is able to hold on to. The fact the entire Hachiō Executioner Blade members needed him to face the Elder alone as a diversion says a lot on his skills. In fact, Ōganosuke was actually able to land a cut on the Elders shoulder, an amazing feat as no other fighter, not even Silcardo Jenazard, the only other man who could give the Elder a hard time, could land a blow on him marking Ōganosuke as the only fighter to ever injure the Elder (though the Elder did drop his guard for a moment). The Elder himself admitted that Ōganosuke is a terrifying opponent.

  • Dual Wielding Master: As the leader of the Hachiō Executioner Blade, Ōganosuke is considered to be one of if not the strongest weapon users in Yami's armed division. Ōganosuke is considered a living legend in the world of martial arts and was even considered as "Invincible", the same title of the Elder of Ryōzanpaku, a level of which few people are able to even hope to come close to. His weapon of choice seems to be the daishō, a pair of blades comprised of a katana and a wakizashi.
  • Immense Ki: Ōganosuke has a monstrous amount of ki, enough to put even someone of Hayato Fūrinji's level on edge even though he is regarded as "The Invincible Superman". The Elder noted that not only is his ki potent enough to swallow an island whole, but he also noted that Ōganosuke had completely mastered his use of ki, comparing it to the ki of nature itself, as it's capable to greatly affecting the weather around him.
  • Great Physical Prowess: While a weapons master, Ōganosuke also has immense physical strength, speed and stamina, enough to fight toe-to-toe with the Elder and keep him restrained in combat for an entire week without any signs of fatigue.
  • Immense Speed: Ōganosuke was shown to possess an incredible speed that on par with the Elder as shown in his battle with the Elder as he was able to keep up with the Elder's speed. Another example is that when it didn't take him long to return to his battle with the Elder after catching and eating a fish and the Elder himself commented on Ōganosuke speed by saying: "already here?"
  • Immense Endurance: Ōganosuke's endurance is so great that he fought and held his own against Hayato Fūrinji for a whole week without sleeping or any sign of being weakened and with only eating few small creatures for basic nourishment.

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