• Yogi Kakuha No Tachi: Ganosuke controls the edge of his swords and skillfully changes their trajectory during  his slashes, effectively catching his opponent off guard and slashing them with the full power of his blades. 
  • Hitou Naname Juuji Kaimongeri: Ganosuke crosses his blades, then proceeds to cut through everything in his path in an x-shaped formation.
  • Daizankai Ichou Mogarigiri: Ganosuke cuts through everything in his path with so much destructive force that it imitates the destructive power of a hurricane.
  • Teiouryuu Hiou Shirangiri: Ganosuke creates a dragon-shaped shockwave using the force of his sword swings to attack his opponent.
  • Oboroguruma Adanotsuji: Ganosuke looses his grip on his swords, then proceeds to spin his swords in his hands in order to attack his opponent.
  • Ougi: Shinken Nehan Mekkai!: Mandala: An incrediblely high-leveled technique. The user puts everything on the line and places their hands in front of themselves, then uses all their power and concentration to attack their opponent with a powerful onslaught of strikes until their opponent is either in submission or is killed.

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