The 8th Dan kenjutsu instructor is one of the three Yami members, of the Armed Division, who confronted Shio Sakaki and Shigure Kōsaka. The three of them were after one of the Akabanetou that the group wanted and desire. During the confrontation with Sakaki, he was surprised that Sakaki, an unarmed fighter, was able to keep up with him. He talked about how sword is inferior to spear and because of it a sword user requires 3 times the dan of the spear user. He then states the same goes for unarmed combatants and wonders if Sakaki is a 24th dan. Sakaki then states that he is actually a brawling 100th dan. Later, see him trying to grab the Akabanetou from Kagerō Kii. He then confronts Sakaki again. However this time he seemed to realize that Sakaki was a difficult opponent and asked Kushinada to assist him. Kushinada refused. He was defeated by Sakaki.