Aisha is one of the members of the Capoeria Team during the DofD tournament.

Plot OverviewEdit

Aisha first appears and defeats an entire team all by herself. Later, during their team's match against Shinpaku Alliance, Haruo Niijima exposes Silvio's crush on her, much to both of their embaressment. Silvio is knocked out of the ring after Niijima berates him for his vain love for Aisha and is thrown out by Kōzō Ukita. Eventually, Eliot and the unnamed teammate are defeated by Hibiki Kugenin, leaving only the leader and Aisha left. Aisha starts fighting Kisara Nanjō and has the upper hand due to their great difference in measurements. When Kenichi Shirahama and Shiratori vocally bring this up, Kisara becomes comically pissed off and immitates Miu Furinji's movements, knocking Aisha out of the fight.