As a member of Yami, Alexander is a very powerful fighter. Even his disciple acknowledges his strength. Being a high government official in the army gives Alexander a very powerful hold on the government, making him one of the more politically powerful members. His SAMBO fighting style makes him very dangerous to handle as his skills alone can kill an average man in one blow. A testament to his skills is that he, along with Diego Carlo, are capable of escaping Big Lock with little effort and can do so at any time they feel like it.

  • High Military Ranking: As a high ranking army official, he has an large number of subordinates and followers.
  • Immense Strength: Able to make sculptures with his bare hands and break handcuffs without trying. He is also seen lifting one ton steel bundles and throwing them around like soft balls during his first match with Akisame. Also during his second match with Akisame the fight tore apart an entire army base. Also his strength is so great that he was able to wipe out an entire batallion of soldiers single handedly.
  • Immense Speed: Despite being a dou martial artist, he is still able to hide his killing intent and run past people unnoticed leaving only a strong gust of wind as an after effect. As a master class martial artist he can easily get around people and take out surrounding people in an instant before they can react.
  • Keen Intellect and Natural Afinnity for Martial Arts: Alexander is able to use numerous techniques in unison and learn new techniques after just seeing them once. Having only fought with Akisame once, he was able to learn his Yahagi Ayurashi and use it the next time that they fought.
  • Immense Ki: By focusing his ki he can destroy walls and other things without having to hit them.
  • Master Craftsmanship: He paints and sculpts several masterpieces only to keep himself calm. He's also skilled in the art of music in playing the violin. His artistic skill may even be compared to Akisame.

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