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Apachai Hopachai

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First appearance
Battle 7 "Ryozanpaku Dojo"
Muay Thai Death God of the Martial Arts Underworld
Martial Art
Sombat (Muay Thai)
Honoka Shirahama(Othello)

Apachai Hopachai is known as the Muay Thai "God of Death" and Muay Thai master at the Ryozanpaku. He is also shown to have been trained in Muay Boran And Muay Thai, though practices it at night only for the sake of upholding the traditional of the fighting style, and even tries not to show it to Kenichi to protect him because it is very dangerous.

Ragnarok SagaEdit

Introduction ArcEdit

As an adult, Apachai trains with Kenichi on mulitiple occasions, often knocking him out unintentionally and making Kenichi fear him for his lack of ability to hold back. Being saddened by this fact, Apachai learns how to hold back his strength through his own training with the elder and manages to teach Kenichi the Kao Loi. Apachai still has not refined the ability to hold back though, and occasionally still knocks out Kenichi when he enters his fighting mode. With Kenichi's help, Apachai eventually learns to hold back his strength.

Hermit ArcEdit

Around this time, Apachai would become good friends with Honoka, Kenichi's little sister and they would have a lot of fun together, Shigure would also join the fun and Honoka would teach them some things they were unaware of.

Final Clash arcEdit

He later watched Kenichi's fight against Ryuto and cheered with pride when he copied his fighting style.

Yami/YOMI SagaEdit

DofD Tournament ArcEdit

After Ragnarok is defeated, the masters deal with Yami and Apachai tells the Elder that he knows one of the members in Yami, (speaking of Agaard) vowing to sacrifice his life for Kenichi should the need arise. Druing the D of D tournament, Apachai and the other masters help take down the high powered masters and arrest them.

Yomi in School ArcEdit

In Kenichi flashback during his fight with Tirawit Kōkin, he had seen Apachai practicing Muay Boran at night. The disciple was injured by involve his practice. This incident bring out the introduction of Muay Boran. After seeing Kenichi almost killed by Kokin and Akisame saves him, Apachai is greatly relieved. After Kenichi and Shigure come back from their trip together, Apachai lifts Kenichi in the air commenting how his limbs are all in tact, depressing Shigure. Apachai would later accompany Kensei on Kenichi's and Miu's school camp trip and keep all of Boris's men from killing the students and later play with the other students afterwards.

Master-Disciple Tag Match ArcEdit

When Renka called Kenichi asking for his help in a situation she was in, Apachai secretly (albeit poorly) followed Kenichi to assist him. Apachai suddenly attacked Kenichi when he felt a killing intent and assaulted an innocent person, but the innocent person was actually an assassin from the Black Tiger, White Dragon Alliance. Kenichi and Apachai made it to the Ma Restaurant only to find out Renka had exaggerated about the Three Headed Dragon Team being extremely injured. Once they arrive, Apachai saves them from Retsumin Kei. Kei put his bird that was in a cage, Pisuke, on his head to fight Apachai to kill the traitors. Kenichi noticed that Apachai was holding back not for the Three Headed Dragon, but because he doesn’t want to hurt Pisuke. Kenichi had Renka guide him to the bird cage without getting hit by the masters’ attack trails. Kenichi eventually reached Kei’s back and climbed on his back, but Kei was moving so fast that Kenichi was having a tough time keeping his grip. Kei attacked everyone else when they went to help Kenichi, but they all survived by Apachai gripping his arms and Kenichi rescued Pisuke. Kei was about to Apachai with his full power, but Apachai defeated Kei with his full power. Kei was taken away by some Black Tiger men after his defeat. Apachai had the Three Dragon Team look after it, since he is in a middle of a war against Yami.

Okinawa ArcEdit

Much later when Agaard makes his move after Kenichi and his freinds run into one of his bases. As Apachai goes to Okinawa to fight against Agaard and Kenichi fights Kokin (though he was forced to go due to his fear of planes). As they fight, Apachai remembers his childhood with Agaard and the two continue to acknowledge each others disciples. During his fight with Agaard, Apachai becomes critically injured by a punch that pierced the left side of his stomach, though he manages to strike an additional blow before he fell, injuring Agaard to the point where the latter falls as well and is unable to move for the next 48 hours. It has been confirmed by 

Apachai pierced in the torso by Agaard
HazeShotAdded by HazeShot

both Agaard and the Bantou master that he was dead, though both of them were heavily injured when they 

tried to confirm this and he becomes "revived" by his resolution to protect Kenichi and strikes a fissure in the ground to fight the Bantou master. Despite his mortal wound, Apachai defeats the Bantou master in singlepunch, launching him out of the building. Happy that Kenichi is safe, Apachai feels the rest of his strength leave him. While Apachai submits to his wounds, feeling his time is up, Akisame and Kensei arrive, and quickly begin surgery to save him.

Yami Transport Data ArcEdit

Though Apachai is disallowed solid foods due to his injuries, he nonetheless eats a Manjuu in the fridge. Shortly after, he and the other masters evacuate Ryozanpaku just as pro-Yami police show up to detain them. They later return and Apachai is almost healed of all his wounds. He gets back in the habit of training, though his wounds have yet to have fully healed.

Titan ArcEdit

Following the discovery of a Yami base, Apachai and the other masters head out to the base with Kenichi and the rest of the Shinpaku Alliance. However, they have the youngsters stay for their safety. They arrive fighting Ogata's men and Apachai states they're all quite strong and they all split up to find Ogata. He later regroups with the others noting that he was never in the castle. He returns home and greatly surprised Miu revealing he's learned how to do laundry and did all the clothes right, much to her surprise and happines as he states he did "secret training" with Kensei to clean clothes and tells her hell do her chores so she can go to the amusement park with Kenichi, much to her happiness.

At night, Apachai listens to the elders story about Tanaka's past and is shocked to discover of Ogata also responsible for murdering Tanaka's wife and unborn child.

The Eternal Sunset ArcEdit

After the battle between the Shinpaku Alliance and Yomi, the masters begin to worry about how kenichi was effected by Tanaka's death at the hands of Ogata, but Kenichi returns ready to begin his training, which surprises them all. Later, after hearing of the Hachiou Executioner Blade, Shigure came up with a plan calling it the "Shigure-chan Special". Apachai acompanies her along with Miu and Kenichi to help gather sand and later meet Kagero to get dirt and Apachai is seen watching her forge metal and later joins Sai in making the metal for the requirments. A week later, after the elder leaves on a trip and has yet to return likely due to a strong opponent, Apachai and the others are visited by Inspector Honmaki and are shocked to hear how he and the entire police must guard Yami at a governmental institution. Regardless, he and the other masters are all determined to put them away in Big Lock. The next day, as all the masters prepare for their battle against yami and the government, the other masters decide to leave Shigure with Kenichi and Miu in case the armed members of yami decide to move. Kenichi begins to complain about how reckless their actions are, to which they say that as martial artists they have to stand by their beliefs to the very end, with Sakaki even saying that one day Kenichi would be standing side by side with them. They then arrive in the heart of the city, awaited by a battalion of police officers protecting the building that the one shadow nine fists are currently in.

After Inspector Honmaki steps in on their behalf to stop his men from shooting at them, Apachai is shocked seeing Honmaki shot by one of his own men and treats him the best he can, but he was wearing a bullet proof vest. After Sakaki convinces them to move aside and do what's right, they stand down (and Akisame knocks out the one who shot Honmaki). He and the others arrive at the top of the building the Yami masters are at and surround them. Upon seeing Agaard, he says his name as Agaard says nothing back. He and the other masters then form together in breath and sync, something Mikumo notes is perfectly done. He then lets out a large amount of ki as he and the others prepare to fight the Yami masters.

Just as Apachai and the others prepare to fight, he notes something is off in their killing intent. When Honmaki arrives to inform them of the armed division at the bay of Tokyo, Apachai realizes it was all a diversion. While in the conference room, the monitor comes on as Apachai notices Shigure on their at the docks with Kenichi and Miu. While Sakaki wants to fight Saiga, Apachai tells him they need to save Shigure as he and the other masters run to her aid. However, they were too late and Shigure was captured.

Much later, as Snippers are targeting the masters, Kensei keeps them occupied with cutouts as Apachai knocks the other snippers out.

Later he is seen with Akisame Koetsuji, Shio Sakaki, Kensei Ma, Kagero Sai, James Shiba, and Danki Kugatachi preparing to rescue Shigure Kosaka. They all engage battle with the military and easily crush them, to which Apachai helps throw Danki to the helicopter. After the military is dealt with, Apachai and the others are confronted by Yami and the Hachiou members. Taking no time to wait, Akisame holds an angry Sakaki back and demands Shigure's condition. After Mikumo confirms she's alive, Apachai joins the others masters as they help Kensei go after Mildred, to which he only took her garments, to which Apachai covers his eyes. It was later revealed he broke her bow and attacked Schtilvay, Agaard, and Rin all at once. Once they prepare to go another round, all the masters engage the Yami forces. After Edeltraft splits up the Ryozanpaku masters, Apachai partnered together with Sakaki against Hongo, Agaard and Cyril.

Apachai then engages in his second fight with Agaard and defends himself from Agaard's kick, to which it's revealed that the wound Agaard inflicted on him from their previous fight has not healed yet. Just then, Michael Schtilvay steps in and slashes Apachai's left shoulder. Schtilvay comments that he has met another grim reaper and is amazed that Apachia has survived so long with his kind-hearted personality. Agaard stands down and Apachai warns him that Schtilvay is a horrible grim reaper and they prepare to fight. After Schtilvay leaves he and Agaard continue their fight, to which then Mildred recovers her bow, she unleashes a furry of arrows, as Mildred focuses her eyes and shoots at the Katsujinken masters directly, forcing them to dodge Mildred's strikes along with the falling arrows.


  • At two points in the story, Apachai had comically become an urban legend: when he disguised himself as a transfer student and played basketball for Kouryou High's basketball team, and when he jumped up a burning apartment complex and rescued a baby, witnessed by several fire fighters.
  • Apachai is the second character (Kenichi being the first) to come back to life after dying. However, Kenichi was brought back by Akisame's crazy healing methods, while Apachai brought himself back to life by his own will power.
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