This style is a mix of Ancient Martial Arts along with all of the martial arts Ryūto previously practiced before becoming Ogata Isshinsai's disciple, thus making it a mixed martial arts style. Here Ryūto utilizes the ancient martial arts techniques Ogata taught him with his own fighting preference, thus creating new more effective techniques. His basic tactics involves attacking and defending at the same time with Seikūken while using of rapid palm attacks to gain leaverage, and combined with the speed and accuracy gained from the Inner Eye technique, and the boost in power from the Seidou Gōitsu technique, Ryūto can outpace and overpower opponents with powerful palm strikes, though he does utilizes punches and kicks if needed.

Techniques: Edit

  • Criss-Cross Strike: A powerful palm strike to the opponent's face
  • Shintoukei: Also known as the sleeping strength technique, this is a technique that causes internal damage to the opponent with one powerful strike to the chest. However this is a difficult technique to master, requiring extensive training.
  • Gungnir: A series of rapid and powerful palm strikes that supposedly attacks with 100% accuracy. This technique is meant to be used in conjuction with the Inner Eye.
  • Seikūken Release: This appears to be a instinctive form of the ordinary Seikūken where Ryūto uses it offensively instead of defensively by combining the usual execution of Seikūken with a series of palm strikes.
  • Seidou Inyou Taikyoku: This technique appears to be an extension of the Seidou Gōitsu where Ryūto covers his hands with the dou ki he made explode outwards when he activated Seidou Gōitsu and then either jumps into the air or have an ally launch him into the air where he proceeds to attack the opponent with a double cross palm strike. Due to the fact that Ryūto used this while in Seidou Gōitsu mode it can assumed this technique requires the user to either have Seidou Gōitsu activated or have mastered it first.

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