Batouan is a weapon master that serve under queen Radin Tidat Lona.


Batouan is an old yet spry man with a muscular build, short hair and a scruffy mustache. He is seen wearing Tidat clothes and weapons on his sides.


Like Sham, he is loyal to Lona and always treats her with respect. He seems to not tolerate disrespect, such as telling Sakaki and Kenichi to bow before Lona despite her protests. He seemingly gotten along well with Sakaki since meeting him.

Plot OverviewEdit

Batouan is first shown attacking Sakaki and Kenichi in disguise to test how strong they are. After he and Sham are beaten, Lona introduces herself and they bow before her and he tells Sakaki and Kenichi to do the same. After Sakaki agreed to work together with Lona, Sakaki noticed assassins around the building and they ran away and the group left. They later search for Miu and Jenazad with John's assistance. After Kenichi was kidnapped by Jenazad, the group went after to find him and arrive at his palace while Batouan was amazed how a master from Ryōzanpaku and Yami was actually fighting together and were an unstoppable force.


Batouan is a skilled fighter, capable of putting Sakaki on the defense for some time and even would of caused heavy injuries to Kenichi had it not been for his interference. He's also skilled in weapons of his kingdom, using weapons that would leave scars from the smallest cuts.