Battle 102 is also called "Two People and One Animal"


Miu was moping over Ryouzanpaku over being unable to adopt the kitten Kisara had in the streets. Miu remembered that Kenichi's family couldn't take the kitten, since Honoka was allergic to cats. And Miu is afraid what the masters of Ryouzanpaku would to do to the kitten. Miu rushed over to help Kisara and the kitten Kisara was taking care of. Shigure came to take care of making dinner, but Ma decided to do it (with everyone afraid of what she'll do). When Miu left, the other master forced Kenichi to tell what Miu is doing, except Apachai who took Honoka to another room to play in.

At the streets, Kisara was waiting for someon to adopt the kitten, but her glare kept people at bay. Miu came to help and suggested she stop making the glare so someone could take the kitten. As it started raining, Miu told Kisara about finding cats all over the world. Kisara told her that she once had a cat named Noir, but died after being bitten by a dog while protecting her. Miu went to get an umbrella to keep her and kitten dry, but then Freya's Valkyries appeared to punish Kisara for her "betrayal".

Back at Ryouzanpaku, Kenichi was surprised to hear that his masters were okay with Miu taking a cat in. Kenichi left with Tochumaru, since the latter was concerned about the kitten.

Back in the streets, Kisara warned the Valkyries that they couldn't defeat her, but one of them believed that Kisara couldn't fight at full strength while protecting the kitten. Kisara tried to stand her ground until one of the Valkyries knocked the kitten out of her shirt. She endured more damage while protecting the weakened kitten. Miu saw that Kisara isn't at the spot where she was suppose to meet while Kenichi is heading for to tell Miu the good news.

Characters that AppearedEdit


  • Kisara vs. 4 Valkyries (ongoing)

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Kisara took up Taekwondo after her first cat was killed trying to protect her
  • Kisara's parents were divorced
  • The Valkyries fight Kisara believing she's a traitor


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