Battle 103 is also called "It's My Turn!!"


Kisara was still beaten down by the Valkyries while trying to save the kitten. Kisara noticed that the kitten needs a vet. Kisara tried to run away, but another Valkyrie caught her with a ball and chain. Miu was trying to find Kisara and the kitty until she ran into Kenichi. Kenichi was about to explain the good news to Miu until she saw Kisara in trouble. Kisara wanted Miu to take the kitten to the vet. The Valkyries attacked Miu for being part of the alliance, but Miu jumped out of the way and the Valkyries attacked each other. As Miu left with the kitten, Kenichi saw a weakened Kisara try to stop them. Kenichi pushed them away before realizing they're all girls. Kenichi called out the Valkyries for the relationship of punishing others for betrayal. Kenichi dodged all of the Valkyrie's weapons, since he won't hurt women. Suddenly, Freya appeared and attacked Kenichi with an unseen circular weapon. Freya pitied Kisara for her betrayal and was surprised to see how weak Kenichi seemed. As the Valkyries continued to beat up Kenichi, Tochmaru ran away for some reason.

Characters that AppearedEdit


  • Kisara vs. Valkyries (Winner: Valkyries, only due to Kisara having to protect the kitten)

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Freya appeared and attacked Kenichi while making sure Kisara was punished


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