Battle 104 is also called "Mouse Flare!?"


The Valkyries continued Kenichi for underestimating women. Freya thinking that Kenichi isn't anything special, decided to leave. Kenichi got back up, but still won't fight the Valkyries. He escaped while taking an unconscious Kisara with him. Tochumaru returned with a match and a firework.

Meanwhile, at Ryouzanpaku, Ma and Shigure busy preparing dinner. Everyone was worried about Kenichi, especially Apachai who can't til' everyone arrived. Shigure then walked outside and noticed the flare Tochmaru had set off.

As Kenichi kept running, the Valkyrie leader called for another set of Valkyrie to block off Kenichi's escape.

At the vet, Miu found out the kitten just fainted and the doctor would find someont to adopt him. Miu went to help Kisara.

Elsewher, Kenichi was still running away until he was blocked by three more Valkyries. The Valkyries were about to attack Kenichi until Shigure came to the rescue saying that dinner is getting cold. Shigure sliced the whip from one of the Valkyries. Kenichi warned the Valkyrie to leave, fearing that Shigure could kill them.

Characters that AppearedEdit


  • Shigure vs. the Valkyries (starting)

Chapter NotesEdit

  • The vet would find someone to adopt the kitten


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