Battle 147 is also called "Master Train"


Kenichi felt the atmosphere change in the train. Sakaki then remebered the Chistopher always had women wear the same perfume he does and noticed that Gauche's secretary was a mole. The female spy almost killed Gauche with a knife hidden in her shoe, but Sakaki caught it. Kenichi remembered the same bloodlust from Ogata. Sakaki had Kenichi deal with the female spy while Sakaki dealt with Eclair. Kenichi was stabbed, but the chainmail vest he was wearing bent the blade instead.  Christopher had the advantage with the crowd which made Sakaki hold back more than half of his power. Eclair was using a girl as a shield, but Sakaki caught her and threw Eclair out of the window for a while. Kenichi’s “no-hit girl” policy made it hard for him to fight the female spy until Sakaki reminded him that Jujitsu can incapacitate an opponent without killing him or her. Kenichi grabbed the spy, threw her to a pole and tied her up with a purse. Christopher threw a kid out of a window forcing Sakaki to save the child. Kenichi attacked Christopher, but both he and Gauche were being choked by Christopher. Sakaki got back on the train and punched Eclair out of it, but he escaped with the feamle spy and Kenichi.

Characters that AppearedEdit


  • Sakaki vs. Christopher Eclair (undecided)
  • Kenichi vs. Female spy (Winner: Kenichi)

Chapter NotesEdit


Final Clash Arc Christopher Eclair Arc Shigure's Childhood Arc
144 | 145 | 146 | 147 | 148 | 149 | 150

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