Battle 159 is also called "The Fight's Presence"


Niijma had the Shinpaku Alliance salute on finishing creating their hideout. Suddenly, Matsui came in to report that Thor's underlings were defeated by YOMI's Spark. Niijima figured that Spark would come for the Shinpaku Alliance next. Takeda, Ukita, and Kisara weren't concern, but Siegfried explained to them that YOMI is a group of selected human who strive to master arts. Niijima noticed that Kenichi was missing and had to go to Ryouzanpaku to get him.

At Ryouzanpaku, Ma was harassing Miu and Shigure. Kenichi was practicing Muay Thai with Apachai while feeling sorry for not bringing Apachai any presents nor finding Renka. Ma was running away from an anrgy Miu and Shigure until he was captured by Renka. Miu and Shigure tend to beat up Ma until they saw that he somehow switched places with Kenichi. Renka told Kenichi that Natsu has been visiting the restaurant to look for his master, Sougetsu Ma. Another master, Li Tenmon, has also visited the restaurant and was mistaken for Sougetsu Ma. Miu was angry for thinking that Kenichi was on a romantic date with Renka until she saw Renka like a cat and treated her like one. Niijima came to take Kenichi to the Shinpaku Alliance hideout until someone called him about the Shinpaku being under attacked by Spark. Takeda wanted to fight her, but Kisara took his place, since Spark was a woman.

Characters that AppearedEdit


  • Shinpaku Alliance underlings vs. Spark (Winner: Spark)
  • Kisara vs. Spark (starting)

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Siegfried's real name was Hibiki Kugenin
  • Natsu was searching for his master, Sougetsu Ma
  • Shinpaku Alliance was being attacked by Spark


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