Battle 165 is also called "Missile Master!!!"


Kenichi was furious about Li Tenmon hurting his own disciple. Tenmon also announced that Raichi was his daughter. Niijima scanned Tenmon and feared that he was a master-class fighter. Niijima warned everyone to evacuate, since he knew they would stand a chance against him. Miu and Renka jumped in to help Kenichi fight off Tenmon, since they know Kenichi couldn't beat a master class by himself. Unfortunately, the three fighters were easily knocked away with some of the Shinpaku Alliance spectators with his Chishouken. Takeda and Ukita came to help only to get knocked away as well. Tenmon then pinned Kenichi to the ground on his back. Niijima went inside the building and ordered his men to spring the net to catch Tenmon, but they only caught Kenichi. As Tenmon kept breaking down Siegfried and some more of the Shinpaku Alliance, Miu got Kenichi out of the net. Kenichi wanted everyone to escape, but they stayed to protect him. Kenichi, Miu, Takeda, Ukita, and Renka got inside the building, but they're forced to leave Siegfried and the other Shinpaku Alliance members outside. Unfortunately, Tenmon broke through one of the hideout's walls with almost everyone prepared to meet their end to protect Kenichi. Luckily, Tenmon was knocked down by Kensei Ma, who showed up worrying about what YOMI was and scolding Tenmon that masters shouldn't fight disciples.

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  • Shinpaku Alliance with Miu and Renka minus Kisara vs. Li Tenmon (Winner: Li Tenmon, but seemingly interrupted by Kensei Ma)

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