Battle 166 is also called "A Master... and a Father"


Kenichi is surprised to see another battle between two Chinese Kung Fu Masters. Ma calmed Kenichi by saying that he won't let anyone else die. Ma and Tenmon begun their battle and Ma managed to graze Tenmon's shoulder. Ma warned Tenmon to leave, but he was taking Kenichi for the Mon Clan. Tenmon got serious and attacked with full force while Ma did everything to repel the attacks. Ma punched Tenmon in the stomach, but was soon caught. Luckily, Ma was able to force Tenmon away with enough force to make him cough out blood. Suddenly, Raichi came in to stop Ma from killing her father, but Tenmon informed her that Ma was holding back. Ma also knew that Tenmon was holding, since he thought Miu and Renka were daughters of some people and didn't want to kill them as he secretly cared for his daughter. Before leaving with his daughter, Tenmon asked Kenichi if he's willing to follow Katsujinken to the end as stronger opponents would come to fight him.

Characters that AppearedEdit


  • Kensei Ma vs. Li Tenmon (Winner: Kensei Ma)

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Tenmon declared to fight Ma for a rematch sometime in the future


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