Battle 184 is also called "The Declaration in the Blizzard"


Radin's master stares down at Ryouzanpaku's disciple as he was trying to escape with Miu. Kenichi sensed the master was gazing at him with a strong dark power. Radin was then ordered by his master to kill Kenichi no matter what.

On the ski lift, Natsu explained to Niijima that Pencak Silat was a martial created in Indonesia and was practiced in secret to the outside world. Natsu knew that Kenichi's opponent would come to kill him.

Elsewhere in the mountains, Miu's fever had gotten so bad that she almost drove Kenichi and herself off the mountain, but Kenichi got them both off. Kenichi managed to get themselves to a ropeway station. However, Kenichi heard snowmobiles following him so he hid Miu inside the lift. Miu didn't want Kenichi to leave in the blizzard, since she'll lose him just like her mother. Radin and his men appeared from the top of the steps and ordered Kenichi to quickly die. Radin explained to Kenichi that after he kills him, he'll kill Miu for being the daughter of Hayato Fūrinji. Kenichi then declared that he won't stop until he takes out all of them. Radin figured out that Kenichi is a fool and Revolutionary.

Characters that AppearedEdit


  • Kenichi vs. Radin (ongoing)

Chapter NotesEdit


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