Battle 187 is also caled "The Spirit of a King"


Radin was angry that he had to look up to Kenichi while struggling to get back up. Radin believed that the people should bow down to the king otherwise he'd be alone. Radin called for more of his men to come, but it was a distraction to strangle Kenichi with a Sarong while he's looking away. Luckily, Kenichi was saved by Niijima who almost hit Radin with a ski stick and Natsu. Radin sent more of his men to attack, but Natsu knocked them all down. Kenichi was struggling against Radin as he lost power with his shoulder wound. Radin had the upper hand wiht dirty tactics until Niijima hit Radin with a rock hidden in a snowball. Niijima lectured Radin that while he was in royalty since birth, Kenichi was more interesting by growing up from trash. Kenichi knocked down Radin with a strong punch just as Natsu finished defeating Radin's underlings. However, Radin threw Kenichi and himself off the station. Natsu and Niijima took Miu down the mountain for safety.

At the bottom, Radin was about to attack Kenichi until his guru showed up claiming that Radin had failed and was a disgrace to Pencak Silat. The guru made a scream so loud that it knocked out Radin and started an avalanche. The guru claimed that he had no more use from Radin.

Characters that AppearedEdit


  • Kenichi vs. Radin (interrupted by Radin's guru)
  • Natsu and Niijima vs. Radin's men (Winner: Natsu and Niijima, though Niijima wasn't really fighting)

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Radin was disposed by his master


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