Battle 190 is also called "Proof of Strength"



Kenichi's battle with Tsuji began with Tsuji wanting to see Kenichi's strength. Akisame noticed that Tsuji was using Koppou style fighting techniques by his sliding movements. Kenichi was able to counter Tsuji's attacks while holding back. Kenichi was about to win with Tsuji being very tired until Kenichi was knocked out with Tsuji's Tooshi when distracted. Kenichi woke up a little while later with Tsuji explaining to the Ryouzanpaku masters about his master, but doesn't know the name. Kenichi was told that he lost and the elder scolded Kenichi for not saying that he wanted enough strength to definitely protect his friends. Kenichi wanted a rematch, but Tsuji refused and ran away. Apachai suggested Ryouzanpaku trains their broken hearted disciple.

Characters that AppearedEdit


  • Kenichi vs. Tsuji: Round 4 (Winner: Tsuji)

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Tsuji learned Koppou style fighting
  • Chaper cover was used for the 4th ending of the TV series.


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