Battle 310 is also called "A Close Call"


Kenichi and Apachai arrived in the Chinatown District. Kenichi called Ryouzanpaku why Apachai was his bodyguard, Sakaki answered that they drew lots. Suddenly, Apachai pushed Kenichi out of the way after he felt some killing intent. Some stranger tried to help Kenichi, but Apachai kicked him out of the way as the stranger was actually an assassin of the Black Tiger White Dragon Alliance, Chin Tai Li. Before the assassin passed out, he warned them that there's a killer that's equal in strength to Apachai. They were being watched by the killer from above.

At the restaurant, Apachai violently pushed Kenichi away from Renka who tried to hug him. Kenichi then found out that Renka lied about the Three Headed Dragon Team being severly injured just to see him again. Renka comforted the team by letting them know that she, Kenichi, and Apachai would protect them from any danger, but Kaku told them that Elder Wong told them that he has Elite Master Class fighters that equal the strength of Ryouzanpaku. The Three Headed Dragon Team wanted to leave, but Kenichi warned them that they wouldn't get far with their injuries. Apachai punched Kaku away for rejecting them, but it was really to push him out of the way from an attack by a killer coming through the walls. The killer that attacked them was the Human Calamity, Kei Retsumin. Kei had to fight Apachai so he would take care of killing the children and put his pet bird in a cage, Pisuke, on his head to fight Apachai with both hands. Kenichi wanted the Three Headed Dragon to come to them, but Renka told them to stay put otherwise they'll get killed indirectly by Kei.

Characters that AppearedEdit


  • Apachai vs. Kei (starting)

Chapter NotesEdit

  • There are Elite Master Class that are not allied with Ryouzanpaku or Yami
  • Elder Wong is known as an Elite Master who runs the Shanghai branch of the black tiger white dragon alliance


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