Battle 311 is also called "Attack Trail Fight"


Renka warned the Three Headed Dragon not to move  or they'll get hit in the Attack Trail Fight. Renka explained that the Attack Trail was when two masters fight and try to predict where they'll attack to divert it. An employee came to ask Renka to help restock food, but had to leave when the two masters were causing damage to the upstairs. Kaku remembers that Rei uses Honshiken to kill everyone in a village just to kill one of his targets. Yo tried to help by grabbing a spear, but Kei destroyed it with one of his attack trails. Apachai was at a disadvantage, since he had to protect everyone from Kei and didn't want to kill Pisuke. Kenichi asked Renka to guide him to the bird cage so he would help Apachai fight at full power. Even though it was difficult getting to the bird, Kenichi eventually got to Kei's back and starting climbing on him.

Characters that AppearedEdit


  • Apachai vs. Kei (ongoing)

Chapter NotesEdit


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