Battle 312 is also called "Death God of the Underground Muay Thai World"


Kenichi started climbing Kei's back so he could get the bird off his head. Kei suddenly used a stabbing kick to try to get Kenichi off his back. Kaku explained that people that mainly learn Honshiken learn Tatsukyaku to make up for the lack of kick techniques. Renka couldn't find any openings around Kei's head for Kenichi to grab Pisuke. Even though Kenichi was holding on well, Renka fears that Kenichi may die by the gravition force. Kei made Apachai more angry by telling him that he uses Pisuke as a detector and that he's the 17th bird he'd owned for battle. Kenichi was about to lose conscious until he's able to see Kei's attack trail and continued to climb for Pisuke. Everyone rushed over to Kenichi causing Kei to attack them all. Luckily, everyone only got away with a few scratches, Kei's arms were somehow bruised, and Kenichi got the bird cage before falling off. Kei got serious after Pisuke was taken off his cage, but Apachai was able to full power to beat Kei to death, which showed his title of Death God of Underground Muay Thai.

Characters that AppearedEdit


  • Apachai vs. Kei (Winner: Apachai)

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Kenichi can see attack trails of masters


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