Battle 318 is also called "Underground Boxing"


Takeda wanted to spar against Kenichi to fight better against Yomi. Kenichi agreed, but needed permission from his masters.

At Ryouzanpaku, Akisame didn't want Kenichi to spar against Takeda until Shiba insulted his moustache. Akisame agreed for Kenichi and Takeda to spara against each other with the bet of the loser's master having to shave his moustache.

At Shiba's shack, Kenichi's match against Takeda begins. The match has these rules:

  • Since Kenichi uses mixed martial arts, Takeda can use Boxing and Underground Boxing Rules (Takeda could hit anywhere with his fists).
  • Throws don't count as a knockdown
  • The match lasts for 10 rounds

Tochumaru rings the bell to start the match.

At the Kushinada dojo, Chikage practices pushing blades while evading them, but got a cut on her kimono. Mikumo sensed that she was disturbed. Chikage explained that ever since she was enrolled at Kenichi's school, she was irritated. Mikumo told her it was by the people's emotions and Chikage had to work on cooling down her heart.

Back at Shiba's shack, Takeda almost jabbed with a punch that was like a normal top-class boxer. Takeda attacked Kenichi with a barrage of punches. Kenichi tried to knee Takeda, but Takeda bounced Kenichi off with just his left arm. Kenichi tried to activate his Seikuken only for Takeda to interrupt it with Auto Rhythm.

Characters that AppearedEdit


  • Kenichi vs. Takeda: Round 3 (ongoing)

Chapter NotesEdit


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