Battle 319 is also called "Biggest Weakness"


Ukita led Niijima and Natsu to Shiba's shack to show them the match between Kenichi and Takeda. Natsu came to see how much farther Takeda came in by strength, but then got Honoka (who was bringing Natsu a bento) out of the bushes.

As they all got inside, Honoka noticed Takeda hitting Kenichi with his Auto Rhythm which was similar to Kenichi's Mubyoshi. Kenichi was knocked down for six counts, but got back up. Akisame saw that Auto Rhythm was inferior to Mubyoshi as it has less power. Takeda found out that Kenichi hasn't been fighting seriously. Takeda complimented Kenichi on his victory over Sho Kano only to make him lower his guard to more punches. Takeda confirmed that Kenichi's lies deeper than his loss to Tirawit Kōkin for being overconfident as he diverts Kenichi's attacks. Takeda scolded Kenichi for what damages his death would cause and what heavy losses would cause for his masters. Takeda told Kenichi his weakness was his persistence for victory as Kenichi was putting up his Seikuken. However, when Takeda told Kenichi that if he wins the match he will confess his love to Miu.

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  • Kenichi vs. Takeda: Round 3 (ongoing)

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