Battle 320 is also called "Tenancity Towards Victory"


Takeda told Kenichi that if wins the match, he would confess his love to Miu. Kenichi was angry thinking that Kenichi would ask Miu out on a date. Kenichi's anger distracted him from Takeda's All Range Punch. Kenichi threw Takeda only for Takeda to use the force of the throw to knock him down with Meteor Straight. Kenichi got up after knowing what would happen if he loses. When Takeda says that he'll take care of Miu, Kenichi remembers about Sho Kano and activates Ryuusei Seikuken to avoid all of Takeda's punches and hit Takeda in his stomach to claim that he would protect Miu. Kenichi hit Takeda with a lot of attacks and would've knocked him down if it wasn't for the bell ending the round. Akisame and Shiba each told their disciple to finish off their opponent in the next round. Kenichi punched when the round started, but he went through Takeda, since Takeda used a shallow version of Ryuusi Seikuken. Miu felt the calm yet intense fight between 2 Sei users.

Characters that AppearedEdit


  • Kenichi vs. Takeda: Round 3 (ongoing)

Chapter NotesEdit


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