Battle 326 is also called "Things that Should be Protected"


Kenichi and Miu saw Li Raichi in front of them and thought they would fight her again, but she fought and defeated two of Diego's underlings. Raichi explained that she's acting as a bodyguard to a client that's on the ship. Suddenly, the three disciples were being attacked a bunch of Diego's men so they had to work together to stop them all. Three men were about to use Diego Tika Body Press on Raichi, but all were pushed out of the way by Kenichi. Raichi was impressed on how much better Kenichi has gotten since the last time they fought.

In the arena, Kensei Ma and Renka entered to fight against Diego and Castor in the Master-Disciple Tag Match. The only rule the referee made was that the fight goes on until one side could no longer fight. Renka got into the ring first so she wouldn't have her father doing shameful things to Castor, but instead she's fighting Diego first. Renka quickly attacked Diego, but couldn't hit him while he's stretching. Renka saw her father harassing Castor, so she tagged him in to stop. Ma quickly jumped into the ring to start the fight against the Luchador of Yami.

Characters that AppearedEdit


  • Li Raichi vs. 2 of Diego's men (won)
  • Kenichi, Miu, and Li Raichi vs. guards (ongoing)
  • Renka vs. Diego (stopped by Kensei Ma)
  • Kensei Ma vs. Diego (starting)

Chapter NotesEdit


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