Battle 330 is also called "Timer Activated"


The audience was running away after Diego indirectly attacked the audience after transforming into Angry Iron Fist. Castor used the retreating people as footstools to attack Renka. Ma had to save people from Diego's rampage. Diego revealed that the audience watching the match live were actually targets.

In the Engine Room, Miu was preparing to dispose of the bomb until Raichi asked her if she and Kenichi were going out. Raichi went upstairs to check if her client was still okay. Suddenly, a video of Diego popped telling them that they have 10 minutes to deactivate the bomb. Miu worried Kenichi more that she failed to deactivate a bomb once when she was a kid. But Kenichi and Miu still tried to stop the timer as they couldn't warn Ma and evacuate everyone in time. Suddenly, Meatman came to attack them and knocked the knife to deactivate the bomb away from Miu.

Back at the arena, Ma tries to have Diego stop the fight with no one watching, but Diego points to the cameras that there are people watching the fight from around the globe. Ma tried to deflect Diego Tika Body Press with his hands, but was slammed while pushing away a spectator. Luckily, Ma pushed him up with his Tennō Takutō. Ma scolded Diego by saying that true martial arts are non-showy power lets a person walk their own path. But Diego believes that martail arts are able to understand beauty. Everyone was rushing to complete their goals with 8 minutes left until the bomb goes off.

Characters that AppearedEdit


  • Renka vs. Castor (ongoing)
  • Kensei Ma vs. Diego (ongoing)
  • Kenichi and Miu vs. Meatman (ongoing)

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Raichi Li has a crush on Kenichi


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