Battle 346 is also called "The Seed of Fear"


At a shrine, the elder met an old friend who was actually Mikumo from Yami. The elder wanted Mikumo to stop inject darkness into the children that know nothing of the world, but Mikumo denied of the "romantic" story between them. Mikumo explained that even though the elder trained Kenichi well, the seeds of fear had been sown.

At the abandoned facility, Kenichi was hit by Ethan's Boar Stance and almost the Snake Stance, since one of his marmas were hit to numb his arm. Kenichi tried to use Seikuken with one arm, but Kenichi sensed fear from Ethan. Chikage explained that the Demon Fist God, Silcardo Jenazad was willing to take her as his disciple. Kenichi remembered that Silcardo disposes disciples that he doesn't like. Kenichi tried to use Ryuusei Seikuken, but Ethan disrupted his breathing.

Back at the shrine, Mikumo explained to the elder that fear makes people aroused to become strong.

Back in the facility, Kenichi was smiling for some reason.

Characters that AppearedEdit


  • Kenichi vs. Pollux (ongoing)

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Some of Mikumo's past with Hayato was revealed


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