Battle 354 is also called "Death Match"


At Ryouzanpaku, Kenichi was training while worried that Natsu could be the last member of Yomi to be revealed. When Kenichi revealed that a member of Yami was Ro Jisei, Ma checked to see the whereabouts of his brother with only Shigure and the elder also noticing that Sougetsu was alive from the Shinpaku Alliance. Ma heard from Hermit before leaving Despair Island that Sougetsu was practicing again. Ma explained to Shigure that Ro Jisei was a blind, yet powerful martial artist, one of Sougetsu's few friends who twisted Sougetsu's tiredness, and orginally one of th Nine Fists.

At one of Yami bases, Sougetsu and Ro showed up with their disciples. Chou wanted a death match against Hermit to keep his place in Yomi. Chou bid farewell to his master as they would part after the match. Chou almost striked Hermit with Uryuu Banda without warning as the fight begun. Chou told Hermit that if he wins, he'll become Sougetsu's new disciple, which Sougetsu agreed on. They grabbed each other by the hip and used Sei Shin Kou on each other. They both crashed through a window and onto a bridge. Hermit noticed that Chou was a little bit above him in everything.

Characters that AppearedEdit


  • Hermit vs. Chou (ongoing)

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