Battle 355 is also called "Yomi, the Decider!!"


Honoka went to Natsu's house to play Othello with him, but instead got a letter from him saying bye. Honoka had an uneasy feeling about Natsu.

In one of Yami's bases, Hermit was having trouble against Chou due to the latter being at a higher level. Hermit went in for a palm strike only for Chou to attacked with his own and had both hit each other. Chou knocked down Hermit from behind with a Ten Zan Kou. However, Hermit saw an image of his late little sister, Kaede, Honoka and Kenichi and got back up. Hermit remembered that Kenichi always fought people stronger than him. Hermit suddenly hit himself in the forehead to calm down. Sougetsu claimed that Hermit would win, since he fought various opponents. Hermit got close to Chou while being attacked and won by using Kyousa. Chou coughed out blood from the attack and fell down while dropping his emblem. Hermit picked it up and claimed Chou's spot as a member of Yomi.

Characters that AppearedEdit


  • Hermit vs. Chou (Winner: Hermit)

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Chou was the fifth member of Yomi to be defeated, but the first to defeated by someone other than Kenichi
  • Hermit replaced Chou in Yomi and gained his Moon Emblem


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