Battle 362 is also called "A Saviour Appears!?"


Kenichi was about to be killed by the Axe User of Yami, but was saved by Kii. Kii explained to the weapon user that he was helping Ryouzanpaku because Shigure would give him one of her father's swords. Yami Axe User complained that Kii would betray them when the Eternal Sunset neared. The Kenjutsu instructor asked Mikumo to help, but she refused as the battle was for armed division. Sakaki then pushed back the 8th dan instructor as he explains that Karate was used to fight against armed men. The Kukuri user believed that the others would be stolen easier as the biggest threat was at the castle, but Sakaki corrects her by saying that the biggest threat for Ryouzanpaku was at the castle.

At a museum, Akisame threw down two armed men of Yami. He was then approached by a rapier user from Yami and asked how Ryouzanpaku knew where they were going to strike. Akisame answered that it was a matter of percentage.

At another museum, Apachai easily defeated some Yami weapon subordinates.

At another museum, Ma was drinking tea while guarding until he was approach by a Bow User of Yami. He was then surprised to see women.

At another museum, two Yami weapon users were about to leave after stealing the 2 swords, but one sensed someone was watching them and had to guard each other's back. The elder then appeared to take them down.

Characters that AppearedEdit


  • Sakaki vs. 8th dan Kenjutsu instructor (ongoing)
  • Shigure vs. Kukuri User (ongoing)
  • Kii vs. Yami Axe User (ongoing)
  • Akisame vs. Yami Rapier User (starting)
  • Apachai vs. Yami weapon subordinates (ongoing)
  • Kensei Ma vs. Yami Bow User (starting)
  • Hayato vs. Yami Wakizashi User and his subordinate (starting)

Chapter NotesEdit

  • The Yami Axe User mentioned the Eternal Sunset coming


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