Battle 364 is also called "The Real Masters"


Kii kept fighting against Yami's Axe User, but the wooden sword he's using was getting chipped. Kii attacked an opening, but the sword broke as the Axe User was wearing a special cloth intead of chainmail. Kii then lost all his confidence again without a weapon. Kenichi then decided to give Kii the Akabanetō. Chikage was secretly worried about Kenichi. Kii was about to be killed by the axesman until Kenichi threw him the sword they're trying to protect. Kenichi was hit by the axe, but was saved by the chainmail vest, the armguards he hid in his vest and Kii who regained his confidence after getting Akabanetō. Shigure and Kii became one with the blades to defeat their opponents and broke their blades. Sakaki defeated his opponent by breaking his blade and knocking him out with Shirahoarimi Kadzukigeri. After showing Chikage who the real masters were, Mikumo decided to step in.

Characters that AppearedEdit


  • Kii vs. Yami Axe User (Winner: Sai)
  • Sakaki vs. 8th dan Kenjutsu instructor (Winner: Sakaki)
  • Shigure vs. Kukuri User (Winner: Shigure)

Chapter NotesEdit


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