Battle 366 is also called "Inauspicious Sword"


At Ryōzanpaku, Miu fell asleep while bathing and was glad that everyone returned home safely. Sakaki and Apachai were arguing ove rice balls. The Elder explained that his opponent were skilled enough to escape even when he was at full power. Akisame had the Akabanetō moved to a safe location after thinking that Yami wouldn't fall for the same trick twice. The masters (minus Shigure) were discussing about the Eternal Sunset they heard from the Yami Armed Division. The Elder explained the last time that happened a world war broke out. Sakaki exlpained to everyone that Kenichi and Shigure went to one of the Armed Forces' Hideout to give Kii a Wazamono.

At the hideout, Shigure presented Kii with a Wazamono made by her father which was actually a hoe. Kii picked up the hoe with rage and looked like he wanted to fight. However, he went outside and slayed the ground which made him. Kii continued the slay the earth with supersonic speed as Shigure bid farewell to Kii and wished him a long life.

Back at Ryōzanpaku, the ring from one of the swords won't stop as it wants to go back to its' former owner, but Shigure told it that it will someday.

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