Battle 372 is also called "Anti-Weapon Battle"


Kenichi and Miu were walking to school, but Kenichi was still curious about the "Eternal Sunset".

At school, Rachel was doing cheerleading and Chikage was learning to do Cat's Cardle by Miss Ono. Matsui suddenly came to tell him that Niijima requested a meeting with him.

At Shinpaku Alliance Headquarters, Niijima informed everyone that they should advance their anti-weapon battle plans immediately. However, no one was taking him seriously, so he had the Valkyries attack them. Kisara had noticed that the Valkyries had suddenly gotten stronger than the last time she saw them. Niijima wanted Freya's master and grandfather to teach them preparation for Anti-Weapons Battle, but Freya disappeared. Thor came and told the Valkyries to stand down. Siegfried explained that Thor was reaching the limits of his Sumo, so he asked Freya's grandfather for guidance as staff and sumo share the same spirituality and could fight against weapon users bare handed. Thor explained that Freya and her grandfather were kidnapped by members of Yami. Freya's grandfather was threatened that if he doesn't join Yami then they would target Freya and the Shinpaku Alliance. The Shinpaku Alliance then head out towards the war against Yami.

Characters that AppearedEdit


  • Shinpaku Alliance (minus Thor and Freya) vs. Valkyries (it was only sparring)

Chapter NotesEdit

  • The Valkyries had joined the Shinpaku Alliance when Freya did


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