Battle 383 is also called "Reassuring Friends!?"


Ryouzanpaku was pretending to have a vacation in Okinawa when they were actually planning an attacking the American Army Base which was actually a base for Yami. Kenichi was worried about the dangers he'll have to face and wished he went on vacation with the Shinpaku Alliance, but then he saw them at Okinawa as well to follow him. Takeda explained that they forced Niijima to tell them where Ryouzanpaku went. Kenichi was glad that everyone came, but he believed that he must be the only one to take down Tirawit. The Ryouzanpaku masters wanted to leave the Shinpaku Alliance behind, but they knew it would be a problem if they left them alone.

At a hotel at night; Takeda and Thor were on lookout in the lobby. While Kisara and Freya were waiting in a room while remembering that Ukita though he was a burden ever since he got cut by a katana. Niijima was looking out the balcony about not wanting to come, but thinks the masters wouldn't get them involved anyway. Suddenly, Ryouzanpaku drop them and Apachai had him be quiet.

Near the base, Kenichi noticed that Apachai accidentally brought Niijima with them. The base was then attacked by Garyuu X breaking the front gate.

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