Battle 410 is also called "Young Detective Squad"


Chikage tagged along for the Young Detective Squad after she overheard Niijima yell, "Let's go solve some cases!" Kenichi was worried that the others would fight Chikage if they knew she was a member of Yomi, but Niijima told them that she may defeat an armed member of Yami without even knowing it. Niijima explained to everyone that the Anti-Yami faction of the government was overrun by the Pro-Yami faction of the government.

In an art museum, Akisame was repairing some paintings while hiding from the police.

At Honmaki's Mansion, Niijima called to speak with Honmaki, but heard from his wife that he's in danger. They heard that Honmaki was in the back and rushed over. Honmaki shot his gun in the air and prepared to fire against the Yami weapon users in self-defense, but his hand was stabbed by a needle. Luckily, he was saved as Kenichi and company came to the rescue. Kenichi, Miu, Takeda, and Kisara each took down one with ease. The last one was about to kill the inspector as Kenichi was in pain after his fight in Okinawa. Ukita charged in with everyone thinking he'll be cut again, but Chikage helped correct Ukita's move to throw down the weapon user. Kisara thought of taking the weapon users to the police, but Honmaki informed them that the police became corrupt by Yami as the data sample didn't arrive yet. As they left to avoid another ambush, a weapon user was surprised that disciple-class fighters would defeat fighters from the armed division barehanded. A girl named Rimi told them that she was nervous as it would be a disaster if one mistake was made. Rimi stared down thinking if she could defeat them.

Characters that AppearedEdit


  • Kenichi, Miu, Takeda, Kisara, and Ukita vs. Yami weapon users (Winner: Kenichi, Miu, Takeda, Kisara, and Ukita, though Ukita had help with Chikage)

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Akisame was hiding in a museum while helping to restore paintings
  • Rimi made her offical debut


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