Battle 414 is also called "Tiger at the Front Gate, Wolf at the Back Gate"


Kenichi and Miu were fighting the warrior priests then Inspector Honmaki fired in the sky as a warning before he could shoot at their feet or shoulders. Kenichi had Miu chase after Rimi, since he worried about her getting to the disc. Chikage had to control Ukita's body, since he wouldn't do as well as Kenichi and that she wouldn't actually be fighting against Yami. The priest was worried about the girl, but Ukita thought he was insulting him. Miu left as feared that she was fighting someone at her level.

At the villa; Niijima, Takeda, and Kisara were being approached by stronger warrior monks who have captured Ishida. Niijima saw how much trouble they're in, but Takeda and Kisara were still willing to fight. Niijima sensed someone approaching from behind so he hid him around a tree. Rimi rushed in and searched Takeda and Kisara for the disc. One of the monks showed that Rimi missed Niijma. Rimi got the disc from Niijima, but was then confronted by Miu.

Characters that AppearedEdit


  • Kenichi and Ukita vs. Yami weapon priests (ongoing)

Chapter NotesEdit


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