Battle 415 is also called "Battle for the Disc"


Miu confronted Rimi to get the disc back. While Miu knew that Rimi was a disciple from Yomi, but Rimi blurted out her love for Ryuto and was appointed as leader of Titan made by Kensei. Takeda protected Miu from an attack from a monk, but Miu protected him from an attack from behind. Takeda then took off his jacket and restraints.

At Kenichi's group, Kenichi had trouble using his full strength on the priests. Kenichi was about to attacked when weakened, but was saved a pinecone that hit the priest to allow Kenichi to defeat him with Strongest Combo. Chikage was about to be attacked while distracted, but was saved by Ukita who caught the blade. Ukita was throwing the priest down while having Chikage manipulate his movements to use a move. Chikage recognized it as Arashi Guruma. With no other threats, Kenichi and the others went to the summit to help Ishida.

Back at the summit, Rimi was running away, since he already got her disc. Miu didn't want to leave Takeda and Kisara alone in their fight, but backup came as Siegfried, Freya and Thor arrived in a helicopter.

Characters that AppearedEdit


  • Miu, Takeda and Kisara vs. Warrior Monks (ongoing, Miu had to leave to get the disc)
  • Kenichi and Ukita vs. Warrior Priests (Winner: Kenichi and Ukita, but Ukita had help from Chikage)

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Chikage helped Ukita create a new move: Arashi Guruma


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