Battle 418 is also called "Sense of the Sixth Virtue"


Rimi took off her shoes to increase her already frightening speed. Rimi explained that Kensei bought custom made iron shoes for her, but later replaced the iron with gold (which has a higher specific gravity). Miu was suddenly amazed at her having gold as she remembered the financial difference between Ryouzanpaku and Yami. Rimi agreed to let Miu take her shoes if she wins, but Rimi believed she couldn't touch her. Rimi charged in top speed to grab the disc, but Miu stopped her with her sixth sense. Suddenly, Thor shook off the two after they were fighting on him. Thor held onto the disc tightly while enduring many of Rimi's kicks. Rimi then harden the tip of her foot to attack only at point of Thor's arm to break it. Thor's held on, but his grip was so hard that he accidentally broke the disc. Rimi took her shoes and ran back the dam to fight Miu again some other time.

Back at the villa; Takeda, Kisara, Freya, and Siegfried continued to fight against teh Warrior Monks.

Characters that AppearedEdit


  • Miu and Thor vs. Rimi (undecided, Rimi left after the disc was destroyed)
  • Takeda, Kisara, Freya, and Siegfried vs. Warrior Monks (ongoing)

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Rimi revealed that she became leader of Titan by defeating the previous leader, Chrono


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