Battle 435 is also called "The True Karate"


Sakaki finally confronts Hongo for a rematch for his 126th defeat. Sakaki plowed through the armed division members of Yami to fight the God Fist. Hongo also plowed through his allies as the Nine Fists never intended to ally themselves to a group of low-lifes. The armed division members aimed for Kenichi and Miu, but Kenichi used the armguards to block an attack from one fighter and Miu saved by Hongo from another. The weapon user aimed for their target, but he was saved by Sakaki. With the Yami Armed Division out of the way, Sakaki and Hongo started another one of their fights. Kenichi was amazed to finally see the True Karate with the two masters at the summit. Sakaki scolded Kenichi for ignoring his orders, but then told him to not close his eyes until the end of the fight. Miu noticed that Sakaki (a Dou fighter) was in a defensive stance while Hongo (a Sei fighter) was in an attack stance.  Kenichi saw that everything around them was being distorted due to their different ki conflicting with each other. Sakaki and Hongo then remembered when they first met.

Characters that AppearedEdit


  • Sakaki vs. Hongo: Round 252 (ongoing)

Chapter NotesEdit


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