Battle 444 is also called "Katsujin and Satsujin"


Sakaki and Hongo were exchanging fierce blows as Kenichi and Miu have less space to stand around the electric field of water. Sakaki took in Hongo's sword strike to do more kicking damage to Hongo's chest. The two Karate Masters kept fighting as they're willing to throw away their bodies in battle as they would stand for their beliefs. Sakaki was stabbed in the stomach, but raised his internal organs to avoid fatal injuries then kicked Hongo and used Morote Enpi Tobi Hizageri. But suddenly, the two masters landed on the platform that Kenichi and Miu were on and saw that Honog countered with an elbow strike. They saw that the two Karate Masters were now unconscious while fighting.

Elsewhere, Silcardo was watching the fight and had to return to his home country with his new disciple.

Characters that AppearedEdit


  • Sakaki vs. Hongo: Round 252 (ongoing)

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Silcardo was planning to return to Tidat with his new disciple.


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