Battle 447 is also called "Fight for Miu"


As Silcardo was escaping with Miu, he was impressed that Sakaki and Hongo could still execute simulatenous hits with their exhausted bodies. They tried to get Miu back, but Silcardo escaped, but not before part of his mask broke. Hayato came and was informed that Miu was kidnapped by Silcardo. Hongo while promising them that he'll return Miu to back to them.

At Ryouzanpaku in the morning, Kenichi woke up and was informed that engineer from Yami escaped to another country. Kenichi was then shocked after hearing that Miu got kidnapped by Silcardo to become his newest disciple.

At an airport, Silcardo was ready to take Miu to Tidat to secure his Pencak Silat.

Characters that AppearedEdit


  • Sakaki and Hongo vs. Silcardo (undecided, Silcardo ran away)

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Sakaki called their latest match a draw due to Silcardo interferring
  • Silcardo took Miu to Tidat


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