Battle 470 is also called "Checkmate!!"


Kenichi asks his teacher that seemed to jump back Hongo, while Skaki is said "can not be ...". Top Jenazad Hongo tries to catch the back but this is thrown to the ground. Everybody down stop to think what happens to mushroom, and Hartini comments that seem as if dodging something, so Sakaki congratulates her new view. Then he tells Kenichi remember how Apachai can predict the opponent's moves. Kenichi weakens their sight seeing to strengthen his eye to watch, seeing the trajectory of movements Jenazad and attacks that could deal him to Hongo.

Kenichi alarmed that goes beyond making Apachai as this by going directly to the vital points. Sakaki tells him already dead fungus if slower to dodge. Kenichi then argues that the positions Jenazad took were to chase and catch, that was why Fungus threw himself to the ground, because it was the only way to avoid it. Sakaki remember that this same technique occurred to Akisame a long time, thinking that the fungus releases are level it.

Fungus continues throwing until he sees an opening in Jenazad, going on the attack. However, Jenazad warns that opening left only to destroy his defense. Below Kenichi realizes that all paths have caught it, being that Hongo was checkmate. Jenazad uses a secret technique of Sital to kill. All alarmed, while surrounding explosion Jenazad and Fungus. Fungus leaves the explosion apparently unscathed, while Kenichi and Sakaki are glad you have been able to avoid it. But Hongo had to dislocate his arm to escape.

Jenazad returns to the charge saying the daredevil who is Hongo. Jenazad This is caught and is about to finish him, but Hongo escapes again, this time dislocating his leg. Below breathe easy because dodged again. Jenazad congratulates him but he says that he lost a lot of mobility, again using the forbidden technique of Silat him while Sakaki see that shouting the name of Fungus.

Characters that AppearedEdit


  • Hongo vs. Junazard (ongoing)

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