Battle 476 is also called "Martial Arts for Beliefs' Sake"


Everyone who saw then end of the battle were in shock and awe as the God Hand killed the Demon God. Hongo admitted that Junazard was stronger, but he lost. Instead of lashing out in rage, Junazard congratulated Hongo for being the one to finally bring him down as he was dying. Hongo dashed back as he sensed that the Demon God still had enough energy to kill him as well. Suddenly, Miu woke up and jumped to Junazard due to the brainwashing, but it was to stop Junazard's bleeding. Kenichi somehow crawled up the tower to get to Miu in his damaged state. Miu wanted Junazard to lie down, but it was too late and died. Hongo tried to return to Yami, but couldn't move around much and Sakaki helped him stand. Suddenly, tanks from Tidat's Regular Army came to start a civil war after they heard that the Demon God died.

Characters that AppearedEdit


  • Hongo vs. Junazard (Winner: Hongo)

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Junazard became the fourth person of Yami to have been defeated, but the first to be defeated by someone that wasn't from Ryouzanpaku
  • Junazard was the first person of Yami to have been killed


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