Battle 491 is also called All of Ryōzanpaku Rolls Out


Kenichi is in Kung Fu entranemient with Ma Kensei, and Miu arrives to help with training, Kenichi and suddenly Master Ma Miu rampage and remember to be careful, she asked about practicing and Master Ma says you should do the side and bottom Kei and make smaller and focused movements.

Kensei Ma explains how to make the move to their attacks seem small but not lose power getting a huge result, Ma Kensei tells him that Kenichi should learn it and he replied saying that he demands a lot, comes Ma Kensei and Akisame telling that Sakaki wanted in that Kensei is to grab a buttock but she intercepts Miu hand.

And Kenichi and Miu still practice the movement, while teachers meet and Sakaki said he found another Yami dens thanks to Inspector Honmaki Ven asks everyone using their previous experience to find them.

And the Venerable decides that everyone participated in the meeting, fearing the worst case scenario, while Miu makes a direct fist movement Makiwara breaking and injuring his hand while the Venerable asked to teach you something Ma Yin-Kung Miu Fu Dou to release your Ki.

A boy talks to Yomi Berserker Odin on news and news of Yomi, while all Ryozanpaku meets in a building surrounded by trees, who are accompanied by the entire Shinpaku Alliance and ask them to stay where they are as it could be too dangerous. Teachers are leaving the building by Kenichi and Miu, Kenichi asks his training Kung Fu Yin-and she said that she was very good except for the morbidity of Ma Kensei, Nijima tells everyone to look back and see a limo poronto that changes its route and dirigue down to them and the people on board.

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