Battle 492 is also called "Bad Premonition"


Teachers enter the building and begin to confront the residents there; Akisame note that people have movements of martial arts styles Ogata. Akisame sure that building is where Kensei, and Sakaki makes a bet whoever finds it first wins,

Subordinates are stronger than they expected, but still they are winning, says Shigure no ki Kensei feel that everyone is antentos, they all have to look individually Kensei. While outside Shinpaku Alliance is meeting with Berserker and an unknown boy, Kenichi makes Nijima talk and I suspect he knows something and turns out to be true (because Nijima has Loki and Number 20 as "spies") and you Berserker (Shougo Kitsukawa real name) is a Kensei Yomi.

Everyone wonders who the guy is in the company of Berserker, and this answer to be Lugh Mabinogion one member of Yomi taught by Kensei. Ryūto Asamiya who is in the car via cell phone tell you that the building is being attacked by the Berserker Ryozanpaku and was surprised that they are the cause of the explosions. Nijima has sentimineto uncomfortable and you risk making him Berserker provoke some questions that may annoy and inconvenience, and Lugh replied saying that Kensei did not teach him anything Berserker and just leave it as it is training him in a way no positions or where he honed technical skills Berserker calling it "self-taught style."

Miu says that this is the same style of his grandfather, and Siegfried says that resembles the "Specialization Training" Atalanta; Ryuuto Lugh asks to enter the car but he refuses because he wants to fight with the Alliance Shinpaku.

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