Battle 495 is also called "Combo"


Lugh asks Takeda if he could access his full power, apparently Kenichi doesn't understand until Takeda opened his jacket showing the weight bearing before and Lugh says this to Noise Ratio therefore could not concentrate well. Takeda is showing off good physique and was faster but Lugh dodge them all. Takeda discovers that Lugh could read his movements by listening to the sounds and vibrations to anticipate counters. Takeda then decides to make useless noise to hit him. All were impressed but Miu and Sieg apparently are not surprised, Takeda feels strange to have beaten Lugh so he lunges and Takeda hits Lugh in the face, but he apparently dodges. Sieg realizes he's using counterattacks similar to his own, the reading being near the opponent and wonder if they will be the "Counter Manuguruma Tibet," Miu said that not only uses the sounds and vibrations but also to the slightest touch of air your skin. Lugh informs them all that he could hear the faint and silent signals that cause muscles when people use them. Lugh was strong, because he's blind. Miu says that have occurred in the history that masters could feel those kind of signals. Takeda planned to make his punches so hard and fast that Lugh couldn't do anything,  but Lugh says that he'll be finished if he catches even one of the punches.

While in the building, Sakaki was still looking for Kensei, but didn't find him so he trashed his machines. Sakaki thought he sensed Kensei, but it was Akisame who also didn't find the Saint Fist. The masters regrouped and informed each other that they couldn't find Kensei.

Back outside, Lugh told Takeda he would have a good fight if it was Odin or Berserker as he tripped him. Also Takeda (a boxer) was the perfect target for Lugh (a submission man). Takeda offered his left arm to strike Lugh by using his trauma as a weapon.

Characters that AppearedEdit


  • Takeda vs. Lugh (ongoing)

Chapter NotesEdit


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