Battle 497 is also called "Kensei's Project"


Miu is cleaning the dojo entrance and wonders if she can also sense auras like Lugh, recalling that her grandfather taught her how to do it. Suddenly she feels a strong but calm aura which turns out to be Tsutomu Tanaka. Tanaka talks to the masters at Ryozanpaku and says he has investigated that Kensei was in the mountains with his disciples, though Tanaka says that he is no longer there. Akisame congratulates him on his accurate information and surmises that Tanaka has another reason for visiting: for him to claim Kensei as his target and not have Ryozanpaku interfere.  Hayato comments that Tanaka has become a bit like Kensei.

Tanaka gets a phone call from his wife and prepares to leave, but not before saying that Kensei might soon pit his disciples against Kenichi, Miu, and the Shinpaku AllianceOdin, Lugh, and Berserker are shown in a new Yami base, with Kensei saying that Ryozanpaku's actions were calculated into his actions.  He apologizes for being late because he was in the mountains training with Atalante, who has managed to awaken her Dou ki.

Kensei says it was more difficult to awaken Rimi's ki than with Odin, and she is seen with vacant eyes when approached by Odin. Rimi turns out to have fallen asleep after the training and awakens, proudly telling Odin that she has awakened her Dou ki but rushes off to clean herself up.

Kensei asks Lugh about the fight with the Shinpaku Alliance, saying that they are a "rare existence".  Kensei agrees and says that if the Shinpaku Alliance would not join them, they should become fodder for his disciples.  Kushinada Mikumo agrees and appears with Hermit, Castor and Chikage, telling the disciples to make use of this opportunity as training as they approach the Eternal Sunset.

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