Battle 498 is also called "Before the Storm..."


Takeda is reunited with his Sensei and believes Shiba scold him for the draw, but it was actually very happy that Takeda has been a good fight and decides to teach weapons techniques to fight the next day, but Takeda says I can not because to go with the girls to the amusement park and Shiba decides to give some money and apparently became more friendly and Takeda is happy because he allows.

Shiba nice about someone would be disappointed in him, and in the Ryozanpaku is Kenichi training and Akisame sneezes and apparently guessed that Shiba is talking about it, Kenichi says he is being tortured with the invention of Akisame called Purgatory No. 29 Shigure refutes it, saying it is easier and friendlier. Sakaki tells him to do your Kumite.

Which is a lie and hurt Kenichi ends, Miu heals and they talk about going to the park, in saying that ever Apachai I wash clothes by Miu and she angrily tells him not to but is surprised to see it is clean. Apachai says wash all clothing Miu to go to the park, and Sakaki and Shigure also want help with clothes Apachai Ma Kensei admits that progress has been made.

Miu appreciates everyone's help, and the next day everyone in the park having fun, Shiratori Ukita seeks and finds her, but not identified because he believes she is not a woman and then see it again but with clothes and says he saw someone like "him" but it was a girl, Miu because he lost a race some guys Kenichi coquetearla call for, but she feels a subtle and jump ki apparently proves Yomi.

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