From Defense to Attack! ((防御から攻撃へ, Bōgyo Kara Kōgeki e!?) is the 5th chapter of the Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple manga written and illustrated by Syun Matsuena it also known as Battle 5.


Miu leaves the Gymnastic Practice to see how Kenichi is doing in his battle. She sees that Kenichi could only avoid Daimonji until he managed to trip Daimonji with one of his steps. Kenichi then remembers Miu teaching about combining attack with defense to create the technique. Daimonji furiously got back up to attack Kenichi, but the latter knocked down the former to win the match. Daimonji got back up wanting to continue and stay in the club, but the club leader told Daimonji that he lost and must quit the club. However, Kenichi claimed that the finishing move was illegal and counted himself disqualified meaning that Kenichi must quit the club. Miu was proud of Kenichi's honesty before going back to Gymnastics Club.

Later, Kenichi was walking home until Nijima wanted to talk to him about the match earlier. Everyone else thought Kenichi lost, but he knew that Kenichi won. Kenichi left happily until Nijima informed him that the leader, Tskuba knew Kenichi won wanted to test Kenichi's skills. Kenichi looks into the sky wondering what to do next.

Characters that AppearedEdit


  • Kenichi vs. Daimonji (Winner: Daimonji only by rule infridgement)

Chapter NotesEdit

  •  Kenichi defeated Daimonji, but since he believes he broke the rules, he disqualifies himself
  • Kenichi left the Karate Club
  • Tsukaba wanted to fight Kenichi


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