Battle 500 is also called "Outbreak of a War!"


Most of the Shinpaku Alliance at the park were squaring off in battle against a member of Yomi. Niijima suddenly arrives and sees Berserker who wants revenge on Niijima for dropping him in the pitfall. Kenichi had Niijima warn everyone about what's going on in the park. Berserker explained that he was ordered by Kensei to devour the Shinpaku Alliance. He also confirmed to Kenichi that the moves he had were his own. Kenichi made his Seikuken, but Berserker approached him from the front with his hands still in his pocket. Berserker destroyed Kenichi's Seikuken and almost hit him. Kenichi saw that Berserker had a smaller, but stronger Seikuken. Berserker complimted Kenichi for dodging his attacks perfectly while no other member of Yomi could, but told him that every other member of Yomi was going to kill the Shinpaku Alliance.

Niijima tried to find someone to protect him, but he saw Siegfrired flew straight up from a strange position to fight Hermit. Castor was trying to take off Renka's swimsuit as payback for what happening on the ship. Freya was forced to fight Odin without her staff (that she forgot to bring). Chikage kicked Shiratori out of the way so she could fight the tougher Kisara. Takeda had to concentrate fighting Lugh so he could beat him. Miu was battling against Rimi who knew she was faster than last time.

Characters that appearedEdit


  • Kenichi vs. Beserker (ongoing)
  • Siegfried vs. Hermit (ongoing)
  • Renka vs. Castor: Round 2 (ongoing)
  • Freya vs. Odin (ongoing)
  • Kisara vs. Chikage (ongoing, Chikage kicked Shiratori out of the way)
  • Takeda vs. Lugh: Round 2 (ongoing)
  • Miu vs. Rimi: Round 2 (ongoing)

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Some color pages were made to celebrate the 500th chapter of Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple
  • Kisara claimed she knew that Chikage was a member of Yomi


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